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Pinkham Communications-PC Marketing Unlimited provides a wide range of Hosting,Products and Services of our own, and many more through partnerships and affiliations with other companies. These range from; Software, Business Applications, Utilities, Products for the Aspiring Marketer, or lead generation for both Internet... and 'Brick and Mortar' Companies. But it doesn't stop there, Also Internet Services, Some Script Installation, and still more... Our Motto is "Old Fashioned Customer Service in the Present and Future!" If You don't see it we'll Find it for you!

Aside from the above... We began transitioning to an Email Marketing focused company. Many Companies and Marketers use email marketing. We have gone a bit further in making it our primary service. We will continue to grow in this area. Maybe you'd like to consider growing with us. We would love to have you aboard!

 Do you ask why you should join our newsletter,  or even buy from us??? - Well here is our answer... "Because we Love to Reward our Customers, and Subscribers with Tons of Bonuses,  Free Products and Services!"  such as software and ebooks, that are practical and valuable to both the average "Home PC end-user",  and the "Internet Marketing Enthusiast". And not just at the point of sale , but even later on as we update and acquire them, and that we test and use ourselves. We'll notify you,  so you can benefit too!

 We promise we'll only recommend products and services that we test and use,  or that have come highly recommended by associates that we know and trust due to our relationship with them, and that are reputable and proven. We won't *SPAM* you with a lot of junk emails, offers, and useless garbage thats all pver the net these days!

Give us a try and find out that we DO Over-Deliver....  and strive to give the BEST in customer service,  with our personal attention on YOU!  We don't take your patronage for granted, or as expendable. Your not just a number with us,  and one of thousands of sales,  like some of the larger companies may make you out as. We value your choosing us... and will reciprocate by always giving you value in return!

Thank You for Your Interest and Our Warmest Wishes for YOUR Success!
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